Music Therapy
Music Therapy is a form of art therapy where the music itself is the heart of the therapy work.
It is a non-verbal, pre-verbal psychotherapy: instead of speech, the most important tools are playing music, improvising and listening to music.
Your own experience is important. We give a musical form to what you feel through free improvisation and listening to music.
If it is possible we continue to try and understand the process through verbal language as well.
Through music we make a space, a place for your inner feelings and emotions, we create a musical structure and find a musical expression.
praktijk instrumenten Hilde Nash
Who is it for?
Music Therapy can be for everyone. No musical skills are necessary. It is not a music lesson.
It can be a supporting and valuable therapy for adults, elderly people, teenagers and children. Individually or in a small group.
It can help to communicate easier, to experience moments of peace or to find some answers to problems you are dealing with in your life. Before verbal language can be found, it can be important to experience these arrousals/feelings in the music itself. Here music therapy can be helpful.
Who is the therapist?
Music and creativity have always been important to me.
At the Lemmensinstitute, LUCA, School of Arts in Leuven I studied the Master degree Music Therapy.
My voice is my most precious instrument, piano my most played. Besides these I play the guitar, cello, drums and the recorders.
I’ve worked with people with very different problems. Adults, teenagers, children and elderly people.
I’m a member of the BMT, the professional association of Belgian Music Therapists.
As a music therapist I work at the group practice ANKER, in Mortsel, Antwerp.
Hilde Nash
praktijk instrumenten Hilde N
I also give workshops and supplementary training:

-musical experiences

-musical meditation

-music in our language

-enjoying music together (also for children)

-singing together

-improvisation techniques

You can follow the workshop individually or in a small group. It can be a first step towards music therapy: for example to discover the possibilities that it can offer.

There is nothing to say about music

and yet there is

Words you can’t think about

only say from deep

from somewhere beyond time and space

beyond our limited conscious world

image (2)
I sing

my own song

feeling the space around me

with my breath

my colourful language

no one can tell me how

everything is here

I can hear it



The practice ANKER is at the Vredebaan 55, 2640 Mortsel, Antwerp.
© Copyright Hilde Nash